Boldly speaking, timeless Monogram series of Louis Vuitton will not only be outdated but will become more and more popular. As you get older, you won’t feel old-fashioned. You just feel good retro and look appealing.

Popularly known as the old flower, it is the most classic Monogram series of LV. The earliest Monogram was born in 1886. After the death of the founder Louis Vuitton, his son George Vuitton began to take charge of LV.

It is this George Vuitton that has created many classic series that have never been seen before, including the Monogram pattern that has been popular for more than 100 years. Monogram is the meaning of a combination of letters. It is said that George Vuitton first designed the original intention of this series to commemorate his father Louis Vuitton.

The atmosphere is dark brown, the four-leaf clover surrounded by many circles, surrounded by four-pointed stars, concave diamonds, etc. The most classic is the shape of the overlapping LV letters, cleverly incorporating the father’s name into it. , constitutes a set of unique combinations of masks.

This classic pattern has also become a leader among luxury brands with LV step by step and is favored by the royal family and famous families.

These Louis Vuitton Monogram series have been selling well, in addition to the classic Speedy, Neverfull, messenger bags, etc., LV will continue to integrate more design elements on the basis of presbyopia, let the classics continue to spread.

The Neverfull handbag that was born in 2007 is a classic of the times. Even now you can find it in the streets and alleys. However, today, more than a decade later, LOUIS VUITTON has made Monogram more practical and more colorful.

The reason why lv Monogram can become a classic because its design is not only suitable for young people, but also suitable for middle-aged and elderly people. No matter what age group people use it, it will have a different temperament, and it will look very noble, which let it can become a classic. This kind of design becomes a classic because it adapts to more people, but when we use it after each person uses it, the specific effects are different. These have some reasons.

The classic LV Monogram can get more people’s attention because the design contains more elements, and it is truly recognized by society. It is not only recognized by a generation but is recognized by generation after generation. Personally, I am also very fond of Louis Vuitton’s Monogram bags, but the first bag I bought is a high-end replica product. Unexpectedly, the quality of work is much better than I expected, maybe you can also have a try.