In this era when people are beginning to express themselves, more and more people stand up and do themselves. In the fashion world, another supermodel has transgendered. This time is the red-haired beauty Natalie Westling, which everyone is familiar with. Oh no, it has now been renamed Nathan Westling, from “her” to “he”.                              Natalie Westling at Louis Vuitton SS19 ready-to-wear show

A few days ago, Nathan, who disappeared from public view after the LV 2019 spring and summer show in April last year, appeared in an exclusive interview with CNN and announced this explosive news. CNN also softly named the article: “Introduction to Nathan Westling.” To be honest, when saw this news, the blogger really happy for him. He finally found himself and started his new life!

Born in 1996, Nathan once conquered the fashion world with an iconic red curly hair and a cold, detached and indifferent temperament. At the age of 17, she debuted from the Marc Jacobs show, and rose in the LV show in 2013, and then appeared in the big show of Versace, Prada, Chanel, Dior and much more.

At that time, as a female model, he had revealed a hermaphrodite temperament, which made people deeply fascinated. But everyone is not sure what Nathan is thinking under the spotlight until this time announced the denaturation.

From Girl to Boy, Nathan suspected and struggled. In fact, he always knew that he was different from other girls. When he was in kindergarten, he couldn’t integrate into the girl’s group but can play with the boys. When he was 3 years old, he started to skateboard. Extreme sports injuries are inevitable. “Breaking a few bones” is a small matter for Nathan.

She loves skateboarding better than everything, so she is called “skating girl.” On the show floor, Nathan used to be a gorgeous female supermodel. She went down to the show floor and put on loose T-shirt trousers. He also tattooed SKATE and vans off the wall on the left and right arms. Very Cool. 

Now, he enjoys the feeling of being called “Mr.”, and his family and friends still support and love him. Before transgendering, Nathan was worried that she would no longer be accepted by fashion circles. But now it seems that he can rest assured. Because he belongs to the only model agency company The Society Management has opened a male model page for him. Many designers and stylist friends also choose to stand by him to support him. Moreover, it is said that he has now photographed the cover for a mysterious magazine as a male model.

Now his original Ins has been closed and is starting again with @nathanwestling.

The blogger wants to say to Nathan: You are cool when you were a girl and still cool when you are a boy. The coolest thing is to be yourself, like you, not related to gender!