IWC has a very large group of movements: 3 series, 5 series, 8 series, 7 series and 9 series. In the previous description related to the watch series, so today we just talk about 5 series or 8 series (59360 or 89360) that is equipped by the high-end watch series of IWC.

the protagonist of this article: IWC self-produced manual winding chronograph 59360

The core part of the chronograph movement is the clutch device.

59 series (8-day chain manual movement)

The big family — IWC 5 series is 59 series a high-end movement. Its basic on the 59210 movement with eight days of power, manual movement, small three-pins, calendar window, power reserve display small dial. On the foundation of eight-day power function, the Portofino series of the IWC has numerous versions: the two-hands with 8-day chain 59060, the calendar 59230, the power reserve displayed back 59215, the calendar indicates 59220, and joining with the 59210 are almost five basic features watch in total. In addition, there are also advanced versions of the IWC: a very typical single key chronograph movement 59360 of Portofino. Column wheel design, ordinary calendar, the 60 minutes dial and eight-day power indicator dial are the representative chronograph model in Portofino watch.

As the Portofino single button chronograph watch with 59360 calibre has no small hour counter dial, therefore, the IWC takes the most direct distribution of the chronograph wheel: minute timescale gear connect with second chronograph wheel without any medium.

89 series (self-winding chronograph movement)
If we say that the core technologies of the IWC are long-powered, chronograph, perpetual calendars and tourbillon. I think it should not be an exaggeration. Because the vast majority of the self-produced movements of the IWC are known for their long power or timescale, while the advanced complex movements are known for the tourbillon. So the 89 series is the most important chronograph movement family in the world.
As the one of core self-produced chronograph movements, 89360 owns self-winding timer, integrated 12-hour and 60-minute timer. This movement is widely used in the main series of Portugieser, Da Vinci, Engineers and Pilot. It is the most widely used chronograph movement in all movements of the IWC. Frankly speaking, 89360 series is an integrated chronograph movement. The timescale part is directly connected to the mainspring of the movement. After the start of the chronograph function, the 89360 series movement is primary power.
Sum up:
The automatic movement can run for long periods of time without worrying about the embarrassing situation of time-out due to forgetting to play. Manual winding can experience the exquisite and beautiful craftsmanship in the operation of gears.
These movements represents the excellence of the capability for IWC in watchmaking creation. Movement and its outstanding ductility also demonstrates the inclusiveness of the self-made basic movement of the brand.
Different styles of movement have their each merit, so your choice is the key. Whichever one, IWC will not despaired you.

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